Are you an aspiring Implant Dentist? Are you a dentist who wants to learn how to restore implants?

In partnership with implant companies I aim to offer the highest quality of mentoring, training and support to dental surgeons of all skillsets.

I believe knowledge, excellence in education and training is at the heart of delivering exceptional patient care. I am Co-director of the Manchester ITI (International Team for Implantology) Study Club and have experience teaching as a Clinical Fellow on the Manchester MSc in OMFS programme. I currently mentor aspiring implant dentists in primary care.

I run educational verifiable CPD events to increase understanding of both surgical and restorative implant dentistry. I welcome referrers to attend to observe implant placement if they wish.

I have been a mentee of Jonathan’s for around 6 months. In that time I have been able to place and restore implants with confidence due to his expertise and guidance.

He is a great mentor as he has vast knowledge about materials, techniques and different implant systems. He is patient and will go through cases in detail to ensure that I can follow the process. Being a member of the ITI means that he can use the current research and be a well-rounded mentor. He has knowledge of many different implant systems and can adapt techniques to suit the system that has been provided.

He is calm at placement appointments and his confidence means that the patients are confident in the procedure.

I cannot recommend him enough for any procedure involving implant dentistry. He is kind and I am very lucky to be one of his mentees.

Dr. Shafia Sabir, Bolton

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